Steven Thijs
Front-end Developer & Technical Marketer



Bubbleworks - the modern laundromat. Bubbleworks is a new brand of laundromats, re-inventing the laundromat as a clean, modern and open environment. By providing more than just washing and drying services - e.g. sanitizing cabinets for disinfection and de-odorization - Bubbleworks tries to keep up with the evolving market of doing laundry.

Online marketing strategy

For Bubbleworks, I've been working on an online marketing strategy. The first part of this strategy, was an analysis of our current online representation, proposing several improvements in a Local SEO Analysis report. Besides this, I did a keyword research in preparation of a content strategy. For this research, I enlisted all current keywords we're ranking for in Google SERP using tools as Google Search Console, Ubersuggests and KWFinder. I also looked at competition, and defined the content gap - where are we missing out? To elaborate further on this, I aligned on a content strategy with a goal of increasing our brand awareness. The content strategy defines an outline for the digital communication of Bubbleworks for 2021, including a social calendar, ideas for blog content, video's, etc.