Steven Thijs
Front-end Developer & Technical Marketer



Bubblevision is the start-up company behind a top-notch Laundromat Automation System, consisting of a modern touch screen payment kiosk, and a management and controlling system for laundromat owners. The latter provides owners with full control over the laundromat operation and the machines, with real-time insights in energy consumption, camera-access and payment control, all accessible from their mobile phone or desktop.

Payment kiosk - UX & wireframing

Using input from the laundromat owner, I've created a customer journey map, and designed a few basic wireframes for the laundromat central payment kiosk.

Payment kiosk - UI design

I've designed a basic and functional UI interface inspired by the Bootstrap component library, to make things a little easier for developing the first version of the interface.

Payment kiosk - Front-End Development

I developed the UI interface for the touch screen kiosk, using Angular as front-end development framework.