Dietrich De Blander
Founder · Nanopixel

To support or exponential growth we were looking to add exceptional talent to our company. Creativeskills has proven over and over again to be the perfect platform to find these type of people. Our last two vacancies got filled within one month. Creativeskills is highly recommended for every company in the creative industry looking for a specialized job board.

Caroline Hertsens
Operations Manager · OBOS

We are a dynamic and growing marketing agency often in need of additional graphical talent. Since a few years now we rely on Creativeskills for this search. Besides a smooth and enjoyable way of collaborating with Creativeskills, we have always found new colleagues in a timely matter! We got a lot of response to our job ad and found our new hire within three weeks.

Yoeri Severy
Founder · Yappa

It's clear to us. Creativeskills is the perfect add-on to our own network (website, social media) to reach the right target audience that fits within our organisation. Through Creativeskills we extend our reach to find the right people. For several years now we're working together with Creativeskills and it's fun to see how people in our neighborhood discover our company through this platform.

Joachim Heuvinck
Creative Director / Partner · Wondergarden

We urgently needed two very specific graphical profiles, an Art Director and a Senior Desktop Publisher. Trying to find a Senior DTP is like trying to find a rare bird. These types of profiles are extremely hard to find. We launched both job ads on Creativeskills and received several qualifying applications within ten days. What initially looked like a challenging task ended up being a smooth experience through Creativeskills.

David Merckx
Web Developer · Codeurs

In less than one month six candidates from Creativeskills have reached out to us, from which we hired one person. We're extremely happy we easily and quickly found talent through Creativeskills and plan to use this platform again to hire additional people in future.

Kurt Vincent
Owner & Managing Partner · Cantilis

Whenever we need to strengthen the design department of Cantilis, Creativeskills is the obvious way to go. After multiple positive experiences there is no doubt: between inspired creatives and agencies where ideas and insights blossom, Creativeskills forms the essential link.

An Declercq
HR Officer · Uitgeverij Lannoo

As a recruiter at Uitgeverij Lannoo I was looking for a Desktop Publisher with experience in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and InCopy. Thanks to Creativeskills we've been able to reach our target audience within a tight time frame. Today, we're very proud to have found our new employee and are happy we partnered with Creativeskills for this search.

Carole Galle
HR Officer · JellyCoe

Our Woody design team was looking for an illustrator / graphic designer so we published our vacancy on various websites. In less than one month we attracted more than 40 talented candidates through Creativeskills, from which one joined our team. Working together with Creativeskills went very smoothly. Great follow-up and helpful insights made this a positive experience!

Quinten Decleyn
Vestigingsmanager · Zibber

Through Creativeskills we've quickly found the right hires; an account manager and a photographer. Creativeskills is our preferred job board because they attract young enthousiastic and creative candidates. Exactly what we were looking for! It's also the best platform for a more edgy job description.

Yves Hellemans
Owner Snyvo

Through our job ad on Creativeskills we've attracted more than 50 applicants in a few days. Everyone in the creative industry - ranging from students to employers - knows Creativeskills and knows it's the best platform for this particular niche. Creativeskills helps us to quickly reach the right target audience.

Yannick Rousseau
Talent Acquisition Specialist · Showpad

We have used similar job boards before but Creativeskills is by far the most superior in terms of ease of use, flexibility and pricing. The support is first class, influx and quality of candidates are high and the platform is built to adapt where needed. At the end, we were able to select a mobile designer within a few weeks after our job post.

Sharon Van Brussel
HR Officer · D&M Premium Sound Solutions

Getting the right talent on board is a continuous challenge. Recruiting good technical profiles is imperative to realizing innovative projects. Therefor it's essential to use the right channels for talent search. With the help of Creativeskills we succeeded in finding several qualified candidates for our Packaging Designer vacancy and to make the right match.

Leen Van der Mijnsbrugge
Client Service Director · Gents Agency

Creativeskills is an obvious choice whenever we're looking for new colleagues. The advantage is their large reach and the active way of spreading their vacancies. Additionally interaction with the Creativeskills team is way more personal than with other job platforms. They r-e-a-l-l-y want to help you. You can refine your job description whenever you feel you don't get the expected return and by doing so attract more or less candidates.

Kristof Morlion
Product Marketing Captain · Ojoo

Years ago I found an awesome job through Creativeskills myself. At OJOO we were looking for a designer and developer. It was obvious to me to publish these on Creativeskills.be. Nonetheless the vacancies were published on other platforms as well, the best candidates came through Creativeskills. And fast! Within one month we were able to fill our two vacancies. As a young startup operating at a fast pace this speed was highly appreciated.

Bob Van Cleemputte
Managing Partner · CREATE Multimedia

Creativeskills is our #1 recruiting channel. The whole process is straightforward with immidiate results. Almost all applicants we have interviewed through Creativeskills have specialized skills. We are often looking for specialized profiles which we find through this channel. Recently we have hired a 3D animator with experience in realtime engines, a rare bird whom we would have never found through another channel. As a service oriented company our employees are our most valuable asset.

Hannes Hauwaert
CEO / Founder · Happs Development

As a young start-up it's essential we can quickly grow our team with motivated and experienced people. We were looking for a C# Unity Game Developer to immediately join our team to hit an important deadline in the Telenet Kickstart program. With the help of Creativeskills we received tens of interesting applications in a matter of two weeks and could hire the perfect fit. We hit our deadline and won a place in the growthlabs program!

Kim Schaefer
Managing Partner · UCAN Communications

“Super Happy”, describes perfectly how we feel. We're super happy to have attracted a lot of matching candidates for our Junior Graphic Design vacancy! Through Creativeskills we received no less than 57 CVs and portfolios which went beyond our expectations. And yes, we found our rare bird! We're looking forward to having her on our team. When we have another vacancy available, it's a no-brainer to publish on Creativeskills again.

Jarco Waelput
Marketing & Communications Officer · iCapps

At iCapps we build and design native mobile apps and responsive web apps. Because of our strong growth we are in a constant need for developer profiles. For us, Creativeskills is the fastest and easiest way to reach the right target audience of talented potentials. Thanks to Creativeskills we find the right profiles in a timely matter, allowing us to keep our clients happy.

Dirk Van Camp
Managing Director D&K Vision

Things are going great at D&K Vision. Past years we've been growing by at least 30%. We're constantly looking for new creative talent with a no-nonsense mentality and lots of perseverance. Through Creativeskills we've hired two new employees. Our vacancy got a lot of attention and the response was overwhelming. We would like to thank Creativeskills for their excellent follow-up.

Nick De Mey
Co-founder Board of Innovation

We just signed a work agreement with a candidate for the Creative / Online Marketeer position which we have filled yet again through Creativeskills. A positive experience.

Matthias Debruyn
The Rabbit Hole

I would like to emphasize again how awesome this service is: clear communication, quick responses, great reach,... Hopefully we can enjoy this service later this year again :-)

Jan Verbelen
King George

King George is a fast growing agency often on the lookout for the right talent to join our team. Creativeskills allowed us to spread our vacancies among our desired target audience resulting in a couple of successful hires.

Johan Ronsse
UI/UX Designer & Partner · Mono

We've been using Creativeskills for several years now and hired our very first employee through this platform. Every time we have a new vacancy we don't hesitate to publish it on Creativeskills to benefit from the large reach.