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Did you ever come home from a night out and heard that ringing sound in your ears? You’re not alone! According to the World Health Organization, one out of three young people risk hearing damage due to damaging levels of sound at nightclubs, festivals and concerts. Earplugs are the best solution, but why don’t we wear them? We’ve heard many explanations: the sound quality is bad, they’re uncomfortable, earplugs look stupid and we totally agree! That’s why we took a different approach.

  • Berchem
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

You want to have impact? You want to make the difference? LOOP is the company to be. We are hiring a Growth Marketeer (full time position)

What are we looking for in a Growth Marketeer?

A performance junkie who gets a rush scaling his campaigns every day, assess opportunities combining data & gut feeling and loves to test the latest platforms, tools and techniques to take the edge over the competition.  

A growth hacker or performance marketeer who teams up with our creative mastermind to build the first worldknown brand of fashionable hearing protection

You require

  • A couple of years’ experience in a communication/marketing agency (must);
  • Excellent knowledge of performance marketing, social media and E-Commerce, …;
  • Analytical skills (metrics, statistics, data, forecasts);
  • Excellent knowledge of English.

We would all be very happy if you would have some experience with growing consumer brands in a global environment or as a growth hacker or performance marketeer.

Still having doubts about us? Check your answers below

Are we a Start up? Yes, we are & growing by the minute – it’s super exciting

What are we doing? We make earplugs amazing. Whether you’re a musician, a party animal, a motorcyclist or anyone else who cares about his hearing, you’ll want Loop. And as a performance marketeer it’ll be your job to reach these people in the most effective way.

Are we perfect? No we are not, but we do have high learning curves.

Are we strong enough to invest in the necessary tools & projects to ensure our growth? Yes we are well funded which enables us to grow very quickly across the world! 

Are we fun to work with? Yes we are a small team and regularly organize fun stuff & we often have great milestones to celebrate!

What about flexibility? We trust every one of our employees to deliver the necessary results. You want to work from home two days a week or want to come in at 8 or at 10? As long as the business does not require your presence at that moment, it’s fine for us. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do work from our office nearby station Berchem because team spirit makes the difference.

You would like to expand your tasks and try new things? Please do! We love entrepreneurs! Our motto is: fail fast, fail cheap, scale hard.

When applying be sure to reference in the subject or body of your email.

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