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The revolution of UX design: the age of assistance

UX design is everywhere. It surrounds the entire world and structures how people go about it. Let’s take going out to dinner with friends, for example. In the past, a person would need to check if they had cash on hand, and if not, stop at an ATM before dinner — an annoying extra step. Then at the end of the dinner, they’d have to figure out who owes what and swap change. Never a smooth process. But today’s restaurant experience is entirely different since bank apps discovered how to meet users’ needs. With real-time payment, customers can pay the bill faster and easier, so they can get back to spending time with their friends and stop wasting time counting coins. This experience sums up what UX design should aim to achieve: to make peoples’ lives easier without them thinking about the technology making it happen. There are some brilliant UX’ers out there doing just that, but most are already preparing for the next evolution in UX design: the age of assistance. But the age of assistance is not some futuristic design idea; it’s already happening today.

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