Hi! So nice of you to read this little text. Since it’s really hard to describe who we are in just a short paragraph, we’ll just throw some key words at you. Here goes: advertising, creative, flexible, dedicated, challenger, quirky, humble with just a hint of Kanye. If you want to know more, we strongly suggest you visit www.sirfish.be. Just tread lightly and don’t touch the painting.

  • 2014 Opgericht
  • 10 Werknemers
  • Reclame &
  • 30 Gem. leeftijd
  •  40%


Graphic Designer at SirFish in Hasselt

As a graphic designer, you’ll happily create an entire new branding for a popular beverage, layout a print magazine and come up with a bunch of atypical social posts for a fishy agency. But you’re not too proud to design your future boss’s personal …

Project Manager bij SirFish in Hasselt

We’re looking for a feisty project manager. That person in a group of friends everyone looks at for organizing a trip and whose personal calendar contains more colourful blocks than an XXL box of Legos. As a project manager, you’re a walking Waze …

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