Hi! So nice of you to read this little text. Since it’s really hard to describe who we are in just a short paragraph, we’ll just throw some key words at you. Here goes: advertising, creative, flexible, dedicated, challenger, quirky, humble with just a hint of Kanye. If you want to know more, we strongly suggest you visit www.sirfish.be. Just tread lightly and don’t touch the painting.

  • 2014 Opgericht
  • 10 Werknemers
  • Reclame &
  • 30 Gem. leeftijd
  •  40%


Creative Copywriter bij SirFish in Hasselt

Whether you have to work on Instagram posts for an alcohol brand, an outdoor city campaign, a radio script for a kitchen brand, a video scenario for a lawyer firm or a funny birthday card for one of your colleagues: you have at least 3 ideas halfway …

Graphic Designer at SirFish in Hasselt

As a graphic designer, you’ll happily create an entire new branding for a popular beverage, layout a print magazine and come up with a bunch of atypical social posts for a large car retailer. But you’re not too proud to design your future boss …

Project Manager bij SirFish in Hasselt

We’re looking for a feisty project manager. That person in a group of friends everyone looks at for organizing a trip and whose personal calendar contains more colourful blocks than an XXL box of Legos. As a project manager, you’re a walking Waze …

Digital Creative bij SirFish in Hasselt

‘Digital creative’. We know it sounds super vague, but it’s up to you to give substance to your future job. You’ll roll out digital campaign strategies, imagine creative content formats and come up with the perfect response when someone comments …

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