Shortcut BXL is an urban agency with roots and offices in Brussels. We offer our Dutch, French and English speaking clients a wide range of online and offline communication products that do their job, whatever the targets and whatever the communication channel, platform or technique. We do this with a lean & mean team of dedicated people who are all driven by a passion for creativity and by social commitment. Our success comes from a thorough terrain knowledge (in the fields of education, innovation, mobility, social issues, public service, politics and Brussels) and from our typical Shortcut™ agency culture, which is pragmatic and result-driven.

  • 13e maand
  • Flexibele werktijden
  • Hospitalisatie­verzekering
  • Maaltijd­cheques
  • Opleidingen & trainingen
  • Telefoon­abonnement
  • Thuiswerken
  • 2006 Opgericht
  • 12 Werknemers
  • Reclame &
  •  52%


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