We are Liquid. We are a branding agency. We get brands into heads and hearts. Every day, we gather in the playground some people call office. It’s the place where brains storm, strategies un-fold and creative things happen – most of the time in that order. We are a team of smart strategic thinkers and insanely creative doers, hard workers – or should we say ‘heart’ workers – who share the same desire to see the sparkle of wonder in the eyes of our clients and hear the wow roll of their lips. And we’re hiring…

  • Prime de 13ème mois
  • Retraite complémentaire
  • Vélo de société
  • Voiture de société
  • éco-chèques
  • Horaires variables
  • Ordinateur portable
  • Assurance-vie
  • Chèques-repas
  • Téléphone mobile
  • éducation et de la formation
  • Carte de carburant
  • Abonnement mobile
  • Indemnités de transport
  • 1991 établi
  • 17 Employés
  • Advertising Industry


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