When you join Indiandribble you’re plunging into an entrepreneurial communication agency with a Brussels heart and a global view. Here we translate our client’s briefings to concrete and applicable communication and connection tactics that we use as tools to create or build Communities, Content & Culture. Our company is skills-driven, human-centred and clan oriented (Yes, it’s a thing). We’re striving to make an impact, big and small (we’re so close to getting our B-Corp certification!). We’ve installed an internal CARE program. This is a holistic approach towards personal well-being and growth. But it also involves the care for clients and their business as well as the care for our surroundings and the impact we have on them. If this sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo, wait until you read more about the positions/job openings we would love to fill. We have job, so are you game?

  • 13e maand
  • Conferentie­budget
  • Eco­Cheques
  • Opleidingen & trainingen
  • Flexibele werktijden
  • Hospitalisatie­verzekering
  • Laptop
  • Maaltijd­cheques
  • Telefoon­abonnement
  • Woon-werk­vergoeding
  • 2013 Opgericht
  • 15 Werknemers
  • Marketing Sector
  • 33 Gem. leeftijd
  •  51%


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