i3-Technologies is part of the i3-Group of companies, a privately held, family-owned company founded in 1968 and with headquarters in Diest, Belgium. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive technologies for group collaboration, with a portfolio of products available in nearly ninety countries. Working with our partners situated throughout the world, we ensure customers can leverage their existing technology by building a solution that works in the way their teams want to work. Our innovative solutions bridge the digital and analogue worlds, offering customers peace of mind when investing in it’s robust and easy-to-use technology that everyone loves

  • Prime de 13ème mois
  • Voiture de société
  • éco-chèques
  • Vacances payées supplémentaire
  • Assurance hospitalisation
  • Abonnement internet
  • Ordinateur portable
  • Chèques-repas
  • éducation et de la formation
  • Carte de carburant
  • Abonnement mobile
  • Indemnités de transport


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