Do you want to have a real impact on people's lives? At Energy Lab we don’t just ‘go to work’, our people spend each day with like-minded colleagues who have passion and drive and want to deliver on the important promise of making people healthier. The mission of Energy Lab is to get as many people exercising as possible, and to keep them exercising. As a full-service sports and health promotion agency, we provide advice to optimise sports performance and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Our services revolve around testing, coaching, consultancy and digital applications for both private customers, teams and European companies. We're very proud to be part of Golazo Group in support of our mission to move people!

  • Bedrijfs­parking
  • Bedrijfswagen
  • Flexibele werktijden
  • Laptop
  • Mobiele telefoon
  • Opleidingen & trainingen
  • Tankkaart
  • Telefoon­abonnement
  • Thuiswerken
  • Werknemers­korting
  • 2009 Opgericht
  • 40 Werknemers
  • 28 Gem. leeftijd
  •  60%


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