Edmire is a young and dynamic design and innovation studio that creates atypical yet well thought-out designs with an eye for sustainability. It is Edmire’s goal to work towards a brighter environmental future. We believe that mindful design positively contributes to our planet, because everything we develop has an impact on days to come. However, we want to be a holistic example in all corporate areas, not just when it comes to design. We therefore strive to obtain a B-corp certificate as a token of our values. Our design ideas and concepts are backed up by a sustainable strategic vision, innovative ideas, and emotional storytelling. An enthusiastic group of ten designers – whom all have expertise in research and strategy, industrial design or brand design – work together as an ambitious team. In addition to the development of personal projects, Edmire designs various products on behalf of clients such as Boma, Babymatters, Soudal, Leo Papers products, Greenspeed, Care.org, Future Cleaning Technologies ...

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What is circular design?

Bugaboo is a company that successfully uses ‘circular design strategies’. Their products are built to last, fully modular and easy to repair. On the business side, they also offer ‘leasing models’. Ready to find out how to design products for a circular economy? How to transform from linear to circular design? Our model of consumption is changing... In a linear economy, products would lose their value and be discarded after use. However, In a circular model, they keep their value. Circular design takes the whole product lifecycle in account. As designers, we aim to prolong the product life, and think about what will happen after the product is used. In this way of thinking, the product’s lifecycle is circular instead of a linear. Linear business models dispose the products at the end of their use, circular models make sure the product gets back to producers and they use it again in the production cycle.

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