Bothrs is an Experience Design Studio. We build digital experiences for people to use, and to enjoy while they’re at it. Our focus? Shipping the best Digital Experience possible while impacting the future of digital consumption. Bringing solutions to our signature design sprint, inspired by our digital heroes. We’re ready to be at the forefront of the best digital experience tomorrow has to offer. We hope you’ll be there with us and are excited for your call to start our journey together!

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The Interface Of The Future Is No Interface At All

Interacting with computers and devices is becoming more and more transparent. Like, literally. In recent years, there’s been quite the paradigm shift regarding the way we interact with computers and devices. Rather than humans having to learn how to operate devices, devices themselves are now adopting human behavior. I still remember the olden days, back when MS-DOS was still a thing and required some elaborate manoeuvring if you wanted to get something done. In my case, it was usually just to format the hard drive after having bricked the whole system again by downloading some shady files, thinking they were innocent video game demos. I was just a little whippersnapper back then, we all need to learn somehow. The point is, if you didn’t know the right commands, you weren’t going anywhere fast.

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