Board of Innovation: an ambitious and international innovation office We’re an international office specialized in innovation. We have our home base in the creative city of Antwerp (Belgium), but we innovate with clients worldwide and have offices in NYC and Amsterdam.

  • 13e maand
  • Conferentie­budget
  • Eco­Cheques
  • Extra betaalde vakantie
  • Hospitalisatie­verzekering
  • Internet­abonnement
  • Laptop
  • Mobiele telefoon
  • Opleidingen & trainingen
  • Sport & cultuur­cheques
  • Telefoon­abonnement
  • Thuiswerken
  • Woon-werk­vergoeding
  • 2000 Opgericht
  • 40 Werknemers
  • 28 Gem. leeftijd
  •  50%


Launching our favorite InnoTech tools

Curious to find out what this new buzzword ?InnoTech? is? We?ll guide you through what it is, show you our favorite four InnoTech tools ? including how to use them and where to find them.

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