Founded in 1994, Achilles Design is a fast growing innovation & design agency with a deep-rooted track record of developing truly meaningful innovations for its clients. With a highly creative workforce of senior product designers, engineers, digital, graphic & brand designers, as well as innovation consultants, we are specialists in innovating the core products and processes of our clients, who range from young growth businesses to multinationals. Driven to create positive user experiences, our core competency is the mastery of the whole creative process from design ideation to mass production and implementation. On various occasions, we have proven that we can manage very complex design trajectories that include mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, and digital engineering challenges. We are experienced in innovation consultancy including business process (re-)design and developing and implementing complete innovation trajectories. We also conduct innovation and design thinking workshops. We are proficient in product design, process design, system design, graphic & brand design, prototyping, 3D printing, planning and preparing industrial manufacturing processes, innovation design, business process (re)design as well as design research. Throughout our history, we have registered dozens of patents and won many design awards, both in Belgium and international. For more information about Achilles Design, visit our website

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Colruyt Group takes minority stake in Achilles Design

Achilles Design is proud to announce that Colruyt Group is taking a minority stake in the design and innovation agency through a capital increase. Colruyt Group takes this participation to ensure a committed cooperation with a creative, technologically strong, and experienced design and innovation agency. We very much welcome Colruyt Group as an investor in Achilles Design. The deal allows for a further deepening of the already very close co-operation with Colruyt Group, while at the same time we can proceed with our ambitious growth plans in various sectors and industries, says Axel Funhoff, CEO of Achilles Design.

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