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UNBLND is a social network that connects strangers and turns them into a group of friends. Based on your interests and hobbies, we get you in touch with like-minded people. You get to know them, unblind their profiles and make plans together! After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Fuck it: let’s just do it! We believe you can never have too many friends. Diversity is what makes us richer, and exploration is never ending.

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  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

UNBLND is the earth’s most anonymous and inclusive social network to meet new people based on
interests, where users can tailor their privacy to their own needs, be comfortable in their own way and
discover at their own pace.

We build trust communities

From all around the world, our interest-driven network drops anonymous people into specific groups
where they can chat and have meaningful experiences together. We strongly believe that looks,
background or gender are not important for having valuable friendships or genuine connections.

We shine in Brussels

All the people we have worked with, made a difference. Now it’s your time to shine at our promising
startup. We are located in the heart of the vibrant city Brussels, capital of Belgium and Europe.
There’s much more than good beer, crusty fries and delicious chocolate!
Now we are wondering...

What kinda person are you?!

We like (almost) everyone and it’s pretty okay to be a little weird 🙃
But for this position, you’ll also need to be …

  • smart
  • creative
  • analytical
  • adaptable
  • braincracking
  • solution-oriented

Because you will have to …

  • communicate with out CTO, Adriaan
  • analyse data
  • find trends in user activity
  • implement machine learning algorithms
  • perfect AI modeling taking different goals in consideration:
  • activate users
  • include user activity to create stickiness
  • use linguistics and artificial intelligence to create better suggestions
  • optimize database querying and cloud services

So, what do we expect from you?

  • strong technical IT-skills
  • experience with Machine Learning
  • independent work ethic, but communicative when needed
  • data visualization
  • experience with Cloud Services (AWS) (+)
  • experience in NLP / Linguistics (+)
  • knowledge about query languages (+)

You will be happy, because we offer:

  • great (co-)working experience in a fancy technology-hub in Brussels; and working from home
    is also an option
  • an open and nice working atmosphere with international minded colleagues, striving together
    to achieve ambitious objectives
  • permanent support from the internal team
  • flexibility
  • lots of good karma and maybe, someday, a trip into space 🪐

Together, we will …

  • be great
  • we will boost happiness worldwide

You are convinced! We knew it 

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