Digital Creative & Designer
at Adsomenoise in Leuven

AdSomeNoise is a digital campaign agency, with a specialisation in data driven creativity. In general, we believe the true potential of digital advertising isn’t met and we want to change that. In our opinion it’s a matter of integration. In good campaigns all different domains are in perfect sync: the strategy, the technology, the creativity and the media. So we have a very open way of working where we focus on this integration. This requires the willingness to truly work together with the best end-result in mind, within the agency, with the client and with all other partners and suppliers.

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  • Werkplek: kantoorjob
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

As more and more clients are attracted to our open, collaborative way of working, we’re looking for new colleagues to help us excel in our mission to make digital advertising better.

Digital Creative & Designer

You’re a conceptual creative, an idea person .. someone they would call an Art Director in a regular agency. But we’re not a regular agency so we’re looking for someone who can actually design and make things pretty. The reason is because we’re creative pragmatists. In our mission to make our clients’ digital advertising better we want to be able to move things quickly. To test ideas and make them nice. To prototype and design.

Your job will be to work on briefings together with our other creative and strategic people. You need to have a love for advertising in general and a skillset that’s in line with digital marketing. Experience with data, especially data driven creativity, is a big plus. You’re critical and might have a bit of an ego, not too much though: we’re looking for someone that wants to make the best possible creative work but in the process puts the needs of the client first. You’re not interested in creating award winning ideas nobody out of the industry will ever see, you want to make a real difference. You’re entrepreneurial, a fast thinker and believe creativity is the best way to solve complex business problems. This also means you can sell your ideas to our clients.

In short: you want to help put AdSomeNoise high on the digital creative map.

Agency experience is recommended, but since you’re a creative you’ll find a way to convince us otherwise. This is a position for the Leuven office.


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