JavaScript Developer Intern
bij Studio Hyperdrive in hartje Gent

Studio Hyperdrive is een ervaren digital development studio met als belangrijkste pijler: het ontwikkelen in JavaScript. Ondertussen al met 28, zijn we gevestigd in Antwerpen en Gent.

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  • Gent
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: stage

Hi there!

Are you looking for an internship where you can experiment with the latest technologies? 🚀

We still have a desk available for a passionate developer who likes to learn more about JavaScript and other front-end technologies at our office in Gent.

As a trainee, you'll be working with the latest and best frameworks and technologies in the JavaScript community: Node.js, Vue.js, Angular, React, React Native…

You'll also get the chance to work on real digital creations for A-brands, including, but not limited to:
- JavaScript-driven websites
- Progressive Web Apps
- WebAR & WebVR
- Complex business API's
- WebGL
- Artificial Intelligence

Based on your interests and the things you want to learn, we will offer you a tailor-made internship.


Contact us by clicking the button below and we'll send you an invitation so we can get to know each other.

Vermeld als referentie bij je sollicitatie in het subject of je begeleidende brief.

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