Game Graphics Production Intern
at Head First Studios in the heart of Brussel

Head First Studios is a young AR/VR game development studio composed of four senior profiles with a high level of expertise and a history of successful entrepreneurial initiatives.

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Hello there :)

Are you looking to make your first steps in the videogame industry ? Or are you interested to dabble in new tech mediums like VR ? If any of those answers is yes, we got you covered ;)

Our goal is to carefully select passionate collaborators we could hopefully hire as full-time employees a couple of months down the track, potentially with a bit of equity!

Currently, our team is focused on developing a thought-provoking VR game with a mature narrative and complex set of systems. Along these lines, we need a kick-ass game graphics production intern. Is that term somewhat unclear ? We bet it is. Check out below for more clarity.

Key skills (must have)

  1. Character modelling(*), rigging & animation
  2. Environment & props modelling(*)
  3. Reasonably good English ability, both spoken and written.

(*)Blender is the preferred tool, but others are acceptable

Optional skills (nice to have, but can be trained on the job)

  1. Texturing (character & environment) with photoshop & substance painter
  2. Unity3D(**)         
  • Asset preparation & testing           
  • Particle effects           
  • Lighting (dynamic & baked)           
  • Post-processing effects           
  • Material authoring (Shader graph)

(**) Generally knowing your way around in Unity3D would be very useful, especially in the context of a project using the Universal Render Pipeline. Coding knowledge is not necessary but is useful of course.

Key Role

Following the general guidelines of the art director, the candidate needs to be able to transform raw artwork into usable assets under his watch. The role is more technical/production orientated than artistic/creative, but of course an artistic/creative affinity will be required.

Character requirements

Strong interpersonal and team skills. The candidate must have an entrepreneurial mindset. We look for high potential candidates, with not necessarily that much of experience, but with the drive & intelligence to learn quickly. The candidate must have high standards, putting quality above speed.

If you want to apply for this internship, please fill in the form on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When applying be sure to reference in the subject or body of your email.

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