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at Skyline Communications in Izegem

Have you ever wondered who makes sure you can watch television and surf the web from just about anywhere, even in an airplane or on a boat? Or who makes it possible to coordinate live broadcasts from just about anywhere, even from the International Space Station?  Well, it’s not magic, it’s us! Our Skyline whiz kids are the driving force behind the DataMiner Platform, which makes all this possible. Pretty cool, right? But here’s the thing: we need talented creatives like you to help tell this extraordinary story to the world.

  • Izegem
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

We’re looking for a Digital da Vinci.       

Da Vinci was a thinker and a creator. He could do anything, from sketching the weirdest designs to creating the most elegant paintings.

So how does this translate to the job position? First off, you can leave your paint brushes at home! Because as a Creative Designer your most important tool is your capability to deliver brilliant and creative ideas! And if you also happen to have a knack for graphic design, then you should read on because you might be the Digital da Vinci we’re looking for.

Let’s get down to business

A glimpse of your future
Transparency is a key value here at Skyline Communications. So let’s forget about the funky job titles for a moment, and take a look at what you’d actually be doing here!

  • You will create and develop creative ideas for our corporate and product branding.  
  • You will translate your ideas into the coolest visual concepts, motion graphics and digital experiences.
  • You will guide and assist our digital design team because teamwork makes the dream work.
  • You’re always on top of what’s trending—and keen on discovering what will be so tomorrow.
  • You’ll have a jolly good time with your colleagues from the Marketing Team!

What skills does a Digital da Vinci require?

No need to start painting the next Mona Lisa or sketching the next Vitruvian Man. You won’t be a copycat. You’ll be an artist in your own right, with your own fresh ideas, a great sense of mentorship, and, above all, not afraid to get your hands dirty.

  • Your talent lies in your exceptional ability to develop the coolest ideas.
  • You have excellent skills in graphic design and motion graphics. But that won’t do for a master, will it? Your exceptional eye for typography, visual composition, and detail is what makes your work stand out. 
  • Cross-channel is always on your mind when you’re creating the craziest concepts: website, socials, print, … In your artistic brain, it all fits together like a beautiful puzzle.
  • And because you will be working closely with all the other marketeers, you also need to be able to clearly communicate your ideas and concepts.
  • You know your way around Adobe Creative Cloud suite, like da Vinci knew his atelier.
  • You have a good knowledge of advanced HTML, JavaScript and CSS techniques to solve design issues.
  • Knowledge of UX/UI is a plus.

What’s in it for you?  

Infinite opportunities    
Or at least, lots of opportunities. Because we believe that a job should be more than just a job. It should be an opportunity for you to grow both personally and professionally:   

  • Grow into the person you want to become, in your own pace and with a supportive team behind you.  
  • Learn as you see fit with the “Personal Learning & Development budget”: credits you can spend on your personal development, with a wide range of opportunities to choose from.  
  • Be part of a team that has a disruptive impact on the global ICT media and broadband industry. A fun team, on top of that!   

Healthy mind, healthy body 
We also believe there’s more to life than working!   

  • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance: flexible working hours, work-from-home days and kids camps during school holidays.  
  • Get to know your colleagues during all kinds of social activities outside business hours. (Pssss, Lode, our Marketing Manager, throws some kick-ass pizza parties. So that’s something you definitely don’t want to miss out on!)   
  • Blow off some steam by taking a walk through our park or by working out in our gym. Or invite one of your team members for a game of billiards or Ping pong. (I’ve heard the copywriter is fun to hang out with.)    
  • Work in an international company while still enjoying the advantages of a small-company culture where there’s always time for a friendly chat.

No something for nothing  
But Skyline Communications is more than just a great place to work, learn and grow; you can also expect a fair compensation for a job well done:  

  • Of course, you’ll get paid! You’ll even get some nice fringe benefits as well: meal vouchers, health insurance, pension fund and profit sharing. (Things da Vinci could only dream of!)
  • You’ll also get a shiny new companion named MacBook Pro. An artist needs tools, right?
  • A mobile subscription with unlimited calls, texts and 10GB of data.
  • And we wouldn’t let you walk to work—unless you literally live within walking distance: you can also opt for a company car or (electric) bike!  

Are you the artist we’re looking for?  

So, are you the Digital da Vinci we’re looking for? Are you eager to let your creativity run wild in a highly technical environment? Well, prove it! Awaken the Digital da Vinci in yourself, think outside the box and surprise us. Make sure your application jumps out of the pack and make it one we’ll remember for years to come. And if you don’t use clichés, we will not ask you to list 5 of your shortcomings if we invite you over. That’s a promise!  

When applying be sure to reference Creativeskills.be in the subject or body of your email.

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