Marketing Manager
at AM-TEAM in Gent

We are a fast growing tech scale-up in Gent working for customers all over the globe. Our company simulates big industrial facilities very realistically on a computer to help customers in the water, environmental, pharma and biotech industries optimising and innovating their production processes. With our globally unique models we can easily test modifications and improvements without onsite intervention. For example, we helped improving the drinking water quality in Los Angeles from our offices in Gent. Our services save our customers massive amounts of time and money while making sure their facilities run optimally. Our customers include industry leaders, innovative SMEs and major corporations worldwide (both private and public companies). Given the value and innovation we offer, there are ample opportunities to create compelling value propositions. Founded 2017 - Current team size: 18 FTEs Expected team size by end of 2021: 22 FTEs Expected team size by end of 2022: 40 FTEs

  • Gent
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

Ready to embark on an international growth adventure with impact?

  • Are you thrilled to lay the foundation of the marketing team in our fast growing scale-up with international activities and ambitious goals?
  • Do you have an intrapreneurial mind that is not afraid of taking the lead when given freedom to operate? Do you also see the many opportunities to stand out at the global scale in the (typically not so marketing driven) process industries that we serve?
  • We really can be the purple cow that everyone notices (and our business is passioned about marketing and branding! – so you’ll have budget and support).
  • You will have a massive growth path ahead in the coming years, and a great foundation to start from.

Your job

  • Leading the company-wide marketing efforts and gradually building and hiring the marketing team (a complimentary team of strategic, analytical and creative people)
  • Global brand building and lead generation
  • Leading of marketing strategy development and execution and the tracking of the marketing performance metrics.
  • Interacting very closely with the sales, HR and engineering teams to help them succeed
  • Attracting and closely interacting with external marketing partners
  • Participation in management team activities for company strategy development
  • You will be working directly with our CEO, Wim Audenaert and our Business Development Manager, Cilia De Wilde


During the first 4 to 6 months of our collaboration, you will be learning about our activities and markets and be strongly involved in executional marketing tasks as well, including content creation, lead generation, … In parallel, a more junior colleague will assist you with the execution. Gradually, your job will become more strategic and managerial. You will get support and time to grow in that position.

The person, AM-TEAM is looking for (each of these aspects will be assessed during the selection process). YOU:

  • Are passionate about digital marketing, social media and content marketing
  • Have at least 3 year of marketing experience in a business environment, preferably B2B, and preferably in tech businesses
  • Can clearly distinguish marketing from branding and have a sense of both (our company also goes strong on branding)
  • Have a strong marketing background with excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • Have an understanding of modern marketing tools (e.g. LinkedIn marketing, SEO, analytics, …) and equipment
  • Have a passion to coach and lead people
  • Deeply share AM-TEAM’s six core values
    1. We value the fun factor: working with us makes you smile
    2. Why should the sky be the limit? We are ambitious
    3. A team is so much more than a bunch of individuals. Team spirit is key.
    4. We have no boundary conditions. We don’t set ourselves geographical, cultural, technical or other limits.
    5. We don’t settle but keep stirring. We want to infinitely learn and improve, both at the team and individual levelµ
    6. We tailor to enhance value, but fit for purpose. Both quality and practicality are important.
  • Have a passion for technology, innovation and modern tools that go beyond the status quo
  • Have a great urge in understanding our markets and business activities and see the technical complexity or engineering nature of them as a positive challenge.
  • Have good (self) organisational skills and take initiative
  • Have the ability to follow-up with others to get the input you need
  • Are fluent in English, both written and orally - knowledge of another language is a plus
  • You have the willingness and possibility to work in Ghent, Belgium regularly

What we offer you, besides a competitive salary and benefits

  • The possibility to create impact: your impact on the company growth and industries we serve will be significant
  • A fast growing scale-up, offering a dynamic entrepreneurial environment with ample opportunities for personal growth in different areas (management, business development, leadership, sales and marketing, …)
  • Managerial and other development opportunities, including AM-TEAM’s internal development seminars.
  • A nice office space in Ghent, Belgium, with home working opportunities

 Application and selection procedure

  1. Please upload your cv and motivation letter. Make sure you motivate why you are interested in this job at this specific company.
  2. AM-TEAM will make an assessment and will inform you on the next steps

 Extra information

  • full-time – medior/senior level –marketing – water, environmental, process industries

When applying be sure to reference in the subject or body of your email.

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