Experiment Designer (aka Growth Marketer)
at Cosmos Collective in Antwerpen

Cosmos Collective is what we like to call an actionable innovation studio. During all our years in the field we discovered that innovation teams mostly struggle with taking action. Companies don't lack innovative ideas, they just miss the speed to test & launch those ideas. The number one reason why services or products fail, is because there is no market need. That's what we want to validate with Cosmos Collective. We want to go from an idea to new revenue or customers in less than 100 days.

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TL;DR We need someone who’s in love with the startup mindset & who really enjoys using his / her marketing skills to test and launch new business ideas.

Do you have a proven track record when it comes to running experiments? Can you turn an hypothesis into the right test in just a glimpse? 

Then you might be the one we’re looking for. Our flagship service is our 12 week validation track (you can find more information about this program on our website). As an experiment designer you’ll be responsible for running relevant experiments to test ideas.

Since you’re applying for this role, we suppose that you are familiar with the 3 lenses of innovation. It will be your main responsibility to test ideas & find out whether: 

  • A problem is big enough to solve? 
  • Which solution is the right one for the problem? 
  • A market has potential enough to launch the business idea. 

In short: We need someone who’s in love with the startup mindset & who really enjoys using his / her marketing skills to test new business ideas. 

If you are our ideal candidate, you can

  • Turn hypotheses into the right (digital) experiments. 
  • Develop an experiment plan that derisks the innovation decisions. 
  • Be hands on enough to set up a wide range of experiments yourself (from building landing pages to running social media ads).
  • Create detailed reports based on the experiments you ran.
  • Set up A/B Tests and social media experiments.
  • Explain your experiment design and results to clients. (We are a studio)
  • Understand the business impact of what you are testing. You’re basically collecting evidence all the time. 
  • Create content around digital validation of concepts/ideas. 
  • You know what an end-to-end product management process looks like. .
  • Show us your proven track record as an experiment designer / growth marketer. 
  • Proven project management skills
  • Consulting experience is a plus. 
  • Simply: guide & help companies to validate whether their innovative idea has the needed potential for further investments.

Why join Cosmos Collective

  • You enjoy being part of a startup.
  • You thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and love taking ownership of new projects.
  • You want numerous on-the-job learning opportunities, and you'll receive a self-development budget.
  • We work for top companies that have leading positions in their markets. 
  • You look for a place where you can be yourself and become part of a highly talented, diverse and ambitious team.
  • You will get a market-conform remuneration package, we value our people. 
  • You'll be part of and help create an amazing culture.
  • Did we mention learning & growth opportunities already? Yes? Okay, just in case you don’t forget. 

About Cosmos Collective

We test and launch new business ideas through the power of rapid experimentation. Our validation process helps companies of any size, to de-risk their innovation actions by making decisions based on evidence. From an idea to a validated business opportunity in the blink of an eye. 

Taking new ideas & business concepts from zero to one is what gives us energy. Are you ready to join the Cosmos? 

  • Experiment Studio
    Designing and running experiments are at the core of everything we do. We bring ideas to market by keeping it simple and avoiding long product development cycles.
  • Quality
    We pride ourselves on delivering clear outcomes and real business impact for our clients. We deliver a top-notch experience throughout the whole journey with our customer.
  • Flexibility
    We're a boutique agency, a small group of talented individuals who all work together towards the same goal, a satisfied customer.
  • Honesty
    We value our relationships with our clients. That's why we tell it like it is. Transparent and straightforward communication is in our DNA.

When applying be sure to reference Creativeskills.be in the subject or body of your email.

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