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Bothrs is an Experience Design Studio. We build digital experiences for people to use, and to enjoy while they’re at it. Our focus? Shipping the best Digital Experience possible while impacting the future of digital consumption. Bringing solutions to our signature design sprint, inspired by our digital heroes. We’re ready to be at the forefront of the best digital experience tomorrow has to offer. We hope you’ll be there with us and are excited for your call to start our journey together!

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  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: senior

This is how we do 😎

In short, we’re a tight group of strategists, designers, and engineers. Our main goal is building whatever is necessary to make our clients’ businesses grow and making the lives of their customers a little easier. And we’re quick about it, too.

Put more concretely, we’ve got several agile product teams working directly with clients to continuously shape and build the digital product that’s perfect for their needs. Go to market ASAP, then start iterating for maximum impact. **This is why being fast doesn't imply you're sacrificing quality, or creating a stressful environment.**‍

The keyword here is “impact”. Both for our clients, and for the people working on all these cool projects. We do this by quite literally focusing on creating focus. Clear outcomes each week, one project at a time, no distractions.

Beyond that, expect a dynamic environment filled with young and ambitious people, as well as lots of project variety and room for R&D and personal growth.

Your Role in the Spotlight

As Engineering Lead, you've not only navigated the challenges of a Full Stack Developer but have also thrived in creating innovative solutions beyond your comfort zone. Your role is a dynamic blend of strategic leadership and hands-on expertise.

  • R&D on New Technologies & Studio Strategy:
    • Dive into cutting-edge tech trends, shaping our R&D efforts.
    • Drive strategic decisions that set the course for the studio's future.
  • Solution Architecture for Customers:
    • Provide strategic guidance during partnerships, facilitating feasibility studies.
    • Craft robust solution architectures for customer projects.
  • Coaching of Engineers:
    • Mentor and coach of engineers, fostering growth and skill development.
    • Together with HR, you’ll also supervise the hiring process of new developers and mentor the newly hired ones.
  • Support:
    • Jump into engineering and coding tasks to support our teams when needed.
    • Coordinate customer support activities, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Pre-sales:
    • Contribute to pre-sales activities, including estimations and solution architecture.

Our stack

We try to stay on top of our game, and won't hold back from trying out the latest tools and technologies. Hence the importance of being able to learn on the job. Anyway, we build a lot front end applications, as well as back-end APIs using a myriad of tools and frameworks. Don't be alarmed if you're not fluent in all of these (yet!) though, that's perfectly fine.

Modern front end:

  • Languages: Modern JavaScript ES14, TypeScript
  • Frameworks: React/Next, Vite, React Native, Capacitor
  • Linting: ESLint, Prettier
  • Deployment: Vercel,
  • Design tools: Figma
  • No-code platforms: Webflow, Framer, Retool

Modern back end:

  • Languages: Node, Python
  • API Standards: GraphQL, REST
  • Frameworks: ExpressJS, NestJS
  • CI/CD/Containers: GitHub Actions, Docker
  • Storage: Airtable, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • Cloud Providers: Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean

The age of AI

At Bothrs, we're not just keeping up with the latest in tech; we're racing ahead. We're looking for someone with a healthy curiosity about Generative AI.

Do vector embeddings, vector databases like Pinecone and Weaviate, Langchain, or Chainlink ring a bell? Great! We're eager to explore how these cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize our approach to digital product development.

Your enthusiasm for these fields will be a huge plus, as we believe they hold the key to unlocking even more personalized and efficient solutions for our clients. Staying ahead of the curve and constantly learning is part of our DNA.

If you're excited about being at the forefront of AI and its practical applications in web development, you'll fit right in!

Are you that somebody?

  • You've got at least some years of experience in a lead role (e.g. Engineering Lead, CTO, … ).
  • You’re comfortable with both front-end and back-end programming, you're the complete package.
  • You've demonstrated experience in support, including jumping into engineering and coding tasks to aid teams when necessary and coordinating customer support activities to ensure client satisfaction.
  • You have a strategic technology vision with a keen interest in emerging technologies, including (generative) AI.
  • You’re experienced in agile methodologies and lean thinking, guiding teams towards efficient and adaptive development practices.
  • Collaboration and communication are your superpowers.
  • You’re a constant innovator, your drive to improve and optimize fuels your every move
  • Feedback is what drives progress, that’s why you should be able to supply radical yet constructive feedback.
  • Initiating projects from scratch is your forte.
  • You’re fluent in Dutch and English

Bringing it home 🚀

Believe us when we say our team of heroes means the world to us. Simply put, we care about three things: personal growth, having high impact, and getting paid. It’s hard to get a company to thrive if the people in it can’t grow along with it. And you can’t force personal growth either; so where does the motivation to learn and grow come from? That’s right, it’s knowing your efforts are making a difference. Every day, we want you to leave the office with a sense of accomplishment. Oh yeah, and a nice paycheck also helps.

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