Senior Designer
at Mr Henry in Antwerpen

Mr. Henry is an internet-bureau, graphic design firm, development factory, birthplace of concepts and ideas & creative cave... We love what we do! Mr. Henry is a small team, working on both little and big projects, be it on- or offline; but all with the same vigor! Our 'clientèle' ranges from rockstars to architects, photographers to cities. Some of our clients include KOMONO, Eastpak, M HKA, Hugo & Marie, OkO, Vedett, Hi-ReS!, August, Sagmeister & Walsh, Us By Night, Kunstenpunt, YUST, our moms, city of Ghent/Antwerp/Hasselt, The Mill and more...

  • Antwerpen
  • Werkplek: kantoorjob
  • Ervaringsniveau: senior

Mr. Henry is looking for an experienced designer with minimum 5 years of work experience to help think, solve and create with our team. You will be part of a small yet powerful group of people who like what they do. 

You'll be overseeing a myriad of projects, looking for best-of-class approaches, user interfaces, and creating all kinds of communication materials, be it on- or offline.

Mr. Henry is a creative and interactive studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. We use our friendly voices & unique mannerisms to create smart & sustainable work for like-minded organisations across the globe. 

Our international clientele is active in culture, hospitality, creative industries, fashion, business and then some. You have the ability to immerse yourself in those fields and find the right solution for every project.

If you're a passionate designer with the necessary sensitivity to understand client's needs and lift this to a higher level, please send your work experience and portfolio to [email protected] with subject “experienced designer”. We are looking for someone that can work in our Antwerp office. 

Please note we will review submitted applications at the end of every week. We will respond to each applicant within reasonable timing. Thanks for understanding. 

(Yes, we are working on a completely overhauled online presence, with a more complete sense of our body of work. Meanwhile, this URL shows some more recent projects.)

When applying be sure to reference in the subject or body of your email.

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