Frontend Designer
bij SPATIE in Antwerpen

We craft web applications, courses & open source packages in the Laravel ecosystem.

  • Antwerpen
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

About us

We are architects and builders, tinkering on the front line; an open-source mastodon operated by a highly talented bunch the size of a soccer team. We purposefully keep the company small but knowledgeable.

What does this bring to you? Learn and grow fast in a respectful, almost familiar environment. Yet you'll have an enormous impact on users worldwide. Together we'll decide where we'll go next.

Rest assured: there will be laughs and great food along the way.

The best is yet to come

We don't take on just any new project but only those where we all can learn something new. We love to work with the latest and greatest. Here are some examples of exciting stuff you could be working on:

  • In-house applications for the Laravel ecosystem like RayMailcoach or Flare
  • Web apps for Tomorrowland
  • A large community platform for a US client
  • The design of online courses for a Laravel audience
  • Our enormous collection of open-source packages and projects

You'll have a say in what you'll be working on. No really, we áre listening. If you're curious to see what we create, check out a selection of work on our homepage.

First rule: stagnation means decline

  • There is a strong mentality to stay on top of things: through Slack, in-house presentations or conferences. Spend half a day each week on experiments and open source work.
  • Get €1500,- extra budget every year for personal growth. Spend it on books, courses and conferences (including train rides, hotels) like dotJS/dotCSS, nordic.JS, Frontend United.
  • Juggle with work-life balance in our little circus after that umpteenth quarantine. We don't do overtime. We're open to changing our ways as an organization to keep things fresh.
  • Regularly working from home has become an efficient routine. Yet we value personal connections and visit the office at least two days a week. We get that those who have to commute have a different regime than someone who only has to jump on a bike.
  • We put our heads together: on a daily basis to get our code working, weekly in our planning update or monthly for knowledge sharing and a company lunch. Every six months we sit together to discuss your personal track and ambitions. Don't forget to bring a (reimbursed) present to the yearly Secret Santa dinner!
  • Grow together with a team that has made its name in open source, with more than 250.000.000 downloads of packages worldwide. Spot your fellow team members as experts in user groups or conference speakers.

And you?

  • You will be working at the front-of-the-front-end (see this definition by Brad Frost).
  • You help defining personality for our own products — sketch logos, pick fonts, define color palettes, provide illustrations or create short animations.
  • You can discuss and design UIs — from idea, to prototype, to implementation. We use paper, Figma and Illustrator, but are open to any tool that gets the job done.
  • You design and implement concrete marketing actions: banners, newsletters or one-page promo sites.
  • You love to play with new technologies, try out new things that won't make production or tinker on your secret side project.
  • You write fluent HTML, (Tailwind) CSS and pieces of JavaScript. You know a bit of Git.
  • You can speak Dutch and you love Italian food.

Our offer

  • A full-time position in a fostering environment
  • A remuneration package with a competitive salary and extras tailored to your personal needs: eg. an e-bike, bike allowance, hardware, internet at home, pension plan, additional holidays …
  • Health insurance
  • Meal and Eco vouchers
  • Velo card for public bikes in Antwerp
  • Apple laptop + second screen, most recent iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones
  • Any software you prefer or need

Extras that will feel familiar quickly

  • Partially remote work to help you get in the zone or combine work and family
  • A modern office in the centre of Antwerp, right in between 2 train stations
  • Standing desks and a roof terrace
  • A genuine drive to learn from each other: code reviews, in-house presentations and chit-chat on Slack
  • A flat company structure where you can make a clear difference
  • Kiva budget for micro-loans
  • Authentic espresso & fresh fruit in the office
  • Board game evenings for those who like to play
  • Monthly Italian lunch with the team; wine from a chicken jug

We are not looking into full-time remote work or relocation.
You may start immediately.

Vermeld als referentie bij je sollicitatie in het subject of je begeleidende brief.

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