Creative Copywriter
bij BBC in Mechelen

BBC is een creative B2B agency (Mechelen en Gent) waar nationale en internationale campagnes gecreëerd worden door 70 collega's die allemaal één ding gemeen hebben: samen knappe dingen creëren en realiseren waar wij én onze klanten trots op kunnen zijn. BBC wordt in België beschouwd als de referentie in B2B communicatie, opgericht in 1983, steeds op zoek naar creatieve oplossingen en gebruik makend van de nieuwste technologieën. Door een gestage groei zoeken we voor onze kantoren in Mechelen en Gent nieuwe BBC'ers om onze teams te versterken.

  • Mechelen
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: senior

We believe in the power of words. Extraordinary writing can make people feel and do extraordinary things. For our office in Mechelen, we’re looking for an English copywriter with the skill and ambition to inspire daring in the world of B2B. This job is on-site in Mechelen.

What you deliver

  • A demonstrated skill to write clear, elegant and memorable texts in English
    When you write something, you make sure there’s nothing else like it. You create a brilliant blend of the text’s purpose, our client’s brand, and your own personality.
  • A genuine love for the written word
    You actively seek out new insights and inspiration, and share it with others to grow as a team.
  • A thorough understanding of different media and their copy best practices
    Writing a web page is a whole different beast from writing a direct mail, or a brand manifesto. You know your way around.
  • A knack for short copy
    From brand taglines to campaign headlines, you can create a maximum amount of impact with a minimum amount of words
  • A spirit of openness and curiosity
    To you, probing a client’s more complex operations feels rewarding rather than intimidating. You dig deep to unearth nuggets of storytelling gold.
  • An ambition to create the world’s best B2B campaigns
    ‘Inspire daring’ is our reminder to create work that surpasses everything that came before. Do you want to give it your all?

BBC is a B2B creative agency with offices in Mechelen, Ghent, and Bordeaux. We combine a clear focus on B2B, a love for high-quality, creative work, and the scale to work for big brands with even bigger ambitions. Our services include branding, campaigns, content and sales enablement.

Whatever you want, we’ve got it. The important things anyway.

  • An environment that values creativity
    This isn’t the sort of place where copy is just another part of a pseudo-creative production line. Here you’re given the freedom to pursue your ideas. Solo, or in team.
  • A steady stream of challenging projects In B2B
    every new brief opens a door to a different world. So buckle up, start exploring, and make your best work yet.
  • 70+ colleagues who get as weird as you
    We’re not saying you’re a weirdo, we’re saying that nobody wants to be 100% serious all the time. Come sit at our lunch table and see what we mean.
  • All the perks to get your friends in a jealous fit
    Cool office? Check. Good gear? Check. Company weekends and wholesome get-togethers? You bet! At BBC, we make sure that great work and drive are aptly rewarded.

Freelancers are also more than welcome to apply!

Vermeld als referentie bij je sollicitatie in het subject of je begeleidende brief.

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