Articulate Storyline 360 Developer And Designer
at INSTRUXION in Brussel

We create to communicate. Since 2001. Our mission? To get your message across. Loud or quietly, but always clear. Each concept is carefully designed, planned, produced and delivered. We make your audience see and understand your product, clue, message, issue or problem. Until it becomes second nature.

  • Brussel
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

With a tremendous commitment to all that concerns digital communication, motion graphics, interactive video, personalized animations and gamification, at Instruxion, we’re not just proud of all that we have already accomplished on behalf of some of the world's leading companies, but we are especially looking forward to all that is yet to come.

As for the skills needed to vigorously carry out these future projects, we are always keen to discover what a high-potential and nevertheless quite experienced developer and designer such as yourself can add to our current skillset.

Your job title says it all!

  • Articulate: Not only the name of the program you will mostly be working with, but also one of your required skills. You have a quick understanding of complex technical topics, in English, Dutch and French, in order to fully grasp the storyline you are about to set out.
  • Storyline: That brings us to Storyline. You will animate compelling e-learning platforms for Belgian and global brands, based on a magnificent story.
  • 360: Most of the time you will be consumed by Storyline 360, but now and then After Effects will give you the variety you need. You will create smaller, more advanced animations and integrate them into Storyline.
  • Developer: Since you’ve been doing that for a while, it needs no further explanation. Right?! Nevertheless, let us specify what you’ll be doing. You will animate interactive content, including advanced quizzes, and edit voice-over files and guarantee smooth integration and synchronization in SL.
  • Designer: You will also create and rework videos, photos and illustrations, and apply our customer's branding to the teeth.

Are you the developer and design wonder we are looking for?

Send your cv to Peter Van Gorp via [email protected], including a link to your portfolio, with your work which may or may not be associated with global brands.

When applying be sure to reference in the subject or body of your email.

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