Client Service Manager Interior
at WeWantMore in the heart of Antwerpen

At WeWantMore we really do want more. For our clients and for ourselves. After a decade of leading some of the most creative design and branding studios, WeWantMore brings together the cream of the crop in brand, interior and experiential design talent.


We want more talent. Wewantmore is committed to offering more than its clients request. This makes it important to have the right people in the right place.

Therefore, we are now looking for the perfect match for the Client Service Manager Interior position, with at least five years of experience in hospitality, retail, and office projects. When it comes to existing and new clients, you are the first point of contact.

So, you are chiefly a born communicator, who is not easily unnerved. You communicate just as spontaneously with the founder of a young start-up as you do with the CEO of a multinational, together with everyone else in their company, from the design director to the facility manager. It goes without saying that you are fluent in Dutch, English, and French. Additional languages are always welcome.

You are responsible for the entire process: you conduct introductory meetings, write quotations and timings, assist clients, and work closely with our design team. Naturally, you always keep a keen eye on the agreed timings and budgets. Thanks to your proper approach and helicopter view, you know the status of all your projects at any moment and can communicate very clearly on these with both the client and the design team.

WeWantMore likes to expand its creative boundaries, which is why we prefer to team up with clients who share our ambitions. Such clients may also be beyond the Belgian borders. Does this sound like your cup of tea? We thought so. You are sure to get on well in a network of entrepreneurs, find it easy to connect with others, and spot opportunities from miles away.

Does all of this describe you? Let’s talk. In the run-up to this, please send your CV by email.

When applying be sure to reference in the subject or body of your email.

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