bij SirFish in Hasselt

Hi! So nice of you to read this little text. Since it’s really hard to describe who we are in just a short paragraph, we’ll just throw some key words at you. Here goes: advertising, creative, flexible, dedicated, challenger, quirky, humble with just a hint of Kanye. If you want to know more, we strongly suggest you visit Just tread lightly and don’t touch the painting.

  • Hasselt
  • Werkplek: flexibel
  • Ervaringsniveau: medior

We’re looking for a feisty project manager. That person in a group of friends everyone looks at for organizing a trip and whose personal calendar contains more colourful blocks than an XXL box of Legos. As a project manager, you’re a walking Waze app and navigate the entire team, from copywriter to web developer. You take into account (budgetary) obstacles, planning jams and you make sure everyone has enough fuel to get there. The final destination? Smooth rides that stay within budget, deadline and scope.

Things you can bring to the table

  • You have a degree in marketing or communication.
  • You have at least 3 years of relevant experience.
  • You manage projects from start to finish for different projects and clients.
  • You brief creatives and suppliers, make project and studio schedules and guard deadlines with your life.
  • You prepare invoices.
  • You shower clients with love: in person, on the phone and via email.
  • You are accurate and structured.
  • You are positive and in a good mood well, most of the time.

Things we can bring to the table

  • A fulltime and indefinite-term contract.
  • A salary according to your experience and talent.
  • Challenging projects for clients from every industry (yes, even a singer-songwriter).
  • A laptop and smartphone.
  • Fun colleagues who also sold their souls to advertising.
  • A personal email signature in the SirFish colours of your choice.
  • An inspiring office space in the city centre.
  • Real coffee, a stocked fridge and a place at the table on vettige vrijdag.

PS We don’t need you to write us how “extremely motivated and eager” you are to join us, we want you to show us. Send us a creative application that is so far outside the box it isn’t even sent to our mail box. Get us a contract with Coca-Cola. Attach a selfie with a clownfish. Or a clown and a fish. Whatever. If you don’t use clichés in your application, we won’t ask you where you see yourself in 5 years’ time if we invite you over. Pinky promise.

Vermeld als referentie bij je sollicitatie in het subject of je begeleidende brief.

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