Twikit creates a cutting-edge, web-based platform that allows our customers to integrate 3D customization directly into their own environment. We create visualizations for these 3D products, and connect to producers (3D printing, lasercutting, …) to bring them to life on-demand. Our software allows deep personalization, automated production and easy integration. With these, we aim to revolutionize markets such as jewelry, automotive and biometric medicine. We are scaling up our teams, and are looking for more kick-ass talent!

  • 2012 Opgericht
  • 23 Werknemers
  • Informatie


Senior Projectmanager bij Twikit in Berchem

We are looking for a Senior Project manager with a results-driven mindset and experience in software solutions. Are you looking for a challenge? A challenge meaning an exciting position in a fast-paced and results-driven environment where you always …

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