Myelin-H is a brain-computer interface (BCI) company developing groundbreaking technology to help hospitals and biopharma companies perform remote & real-time monitoring and treatment of different neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis, depression, and sleep disorders. The company stems from the personal story of one of its founders. With over 1 billion individuals suffering from brain disorders, Myelin-H’s primary mission is to digitize healthcare by helping provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. Using its BCI technology, Myelin-H has developed a wide range of HealthTech products: one designed to accelerate clinical trials & drug discovery in neurology, one for remote (at-home) monitoring of multiple sclerosis, and the third one designed for space medicine to monitor astronauts in space, such as on the Moon, Mars and the international space station (ISS). The company is currently working with different hospitals across Europe and has received international recognition for its technology from NASA and the Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg. The company’s headquarters is in Luxembourg with offices in Belgium and Manchester in the UK. If you are excited to work at the intersection of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, bio-sensing, space tech, and neuroengineering, please come along for the ride and join us.

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