Made is all about Exciting Change We're excited to make things better by continuously pushing for better things, impacting the world with positive changes. For more than 10 years we have been discovering, designing and building successful products and services that have changed the market. We walk the walk! We believe that to make something change we need excitement, but to really change the world we need to deliver! Made is a design & innovation agency that combine insight from human behavior with opportunities in technology and business to create relevant solutions in an actionable way. We build both physical & digital products and services with strong business cases and strategies. We are a young, dynamic, and award-winning team of ambitious design thinkers whose goal is to expand as a thriving innovation platform. A selection of our clients: Barco, Televic, Ecover, Renson, Coca-cola, UZA, Bayer, Steelcase, …

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Senior UI Designer at Made in Berchem-antwerpen

We're looking for a Senior UI Designer to join us on our mission to create immaculate, user-centric (digital) experiences! Visual and digital design is your passion. You bring together UX and UI to deliver a delightful experience that takes into account …

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