Imagine, only 3% of the parents says to be happy with the actual offer of babyfood in store... So, we felt the need to reinvented baby- & kids’ food to better respond to the needs of parents and the return of home-cooking! We took up the challenge of educating babies & children to love healthy, delicious & organic food from the start. To TEACH them how to eat well, because yes, eating healthy can be learned, and the sooner, the easier! Under our brand, you will not find any prepared meals but tons of tasty organic products to quickly cook a delicious home-made dish for your little ones. Spice mixtures, vegetable sauces, curries, spreads, soups, porridge, vegetable chips, smoothies, pasta and other foodie preparations …. They will take little ones on a culinary journey around the world and will work on their palate development. Finally some DELICIOUS products for babies and children !! Because, only if little ones learn, since their first bites that healthy and delicious can go hand in hand, will they continue to choose the healthy option later in life. In addition to being tasty our products are organic, without added sugar, salt, no additives and vegan. Sienna & Friends thus wants to actively contribute to the nutrition education of young children and wants to prepare their taste buds for the variety of flavours they will eat later in life. It will undoubtedly help them develop a healthy relationship with food for the rest of their lives.

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Growth Marketer at Cinnamon Capital in Ukkel

We need a Growth Marketer When I became a mum; I was amazed to notice that babyfood had evolved only slightly the last 50 years. The only offer in store consists of tasteless food jars, which no longer correspond to the demands of young parents. Only …

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