Using immersive tech, yondr helps agencies, production companies and brands build real connections. We transcend physical or digital boundaries and go beyond. To us, technology is always a means to an end. And our end is bridging the gap between brands and their customers, making them connect. While we don’t build tech for tech’s sake, boy, do we love to build it. Invent it. Improve it. AR, VR, 3D, gaming… It’s hard to express the excitement of all the new possibilities, technology and features coming our way. Ours is a company made of people, rooted in a shared culture. Building connections is our core business, so you could have guessed we foster them in-house, too. We don’t expect our team to be here, physically. We do expect them to be here, fully. Save that commuting energy for thinking and talking: a mantra Mother Earth will surely appreciate. Work and meet from home, wherever that may be, but always share yourself with the team. In these digital times, we believe in collaborative intelligence and collective wellbeing. We think together, we thrive together. If you love to work and you’d love to do it here at yondr, you’re welcome.

  • Extra betaalde vakantie
  • Conferentie­budget
  • Eco­Cheques
  • Opleidingen & trainingen
  • Hospitalisatie­verzekering
  • Laptop
  • Maaltijd­cheques
  • Telefoon­abonnement
  • Woon-werk­vergoeding
  • Thuiswerken
  • 2015 Opgericht
  • 13 Werknemers
  • Media Sector
  • 28 Gem. leeftijd
  •  71%


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