We are a fast growing tech scale-up in Gent working for customers all over the globe. Our company simulates big industrial facilities very realistically on a computer to help customers in the water, environmental, pharma and biotech industries optimising and innovating their production processes. With our globally unique models we can easily test modifications and improvements without onsite intervention. For example, we helped improving the drinking water quality in Los Angeles from our offices in Gent. Our services save our customers massive amounts of time and money while making sure their facilities run optimally. Our customers include industry leaders, innovative SMEs and major corporations worldwide (both private and public companies). Given the value and innovation we offer, there are ample opportunities to create compelling value propositions. Founded 2017 - Current team size: 18 FTEs Expected team size by end of 2021: 22 FTEs Expected team size by end of 2022: 40 FTEs

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  • 2017 Opgericht
  • 18 Werknemers
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